Statement from VFRW President

Paula Steiner

on the Recent U.S. Capitol Intrusion and Violence

On January 8, 2021, Paula Steiner, President of the Virginia Federation of Republican Women (VFRW) issued this statement following the U.S. Capitol violence and results of the states’ electoral vote totaling 306 to 232.

“The U.S. Capitol is known as the ‘People’s House’ with the trust that those who are citizens entering these hallowed halls will honor and respect this ‘monument to the American people and their government.’ Capitol Police Officers along with federal, state and local law enforcement kept our elected Members of Congress and their staff safe while diffusing situations that could have caused harm to law-abiding citizens.”

“What happened on Wednesday inside the walls of our nation’s Capitol building is a violation of this trust, and I strongly condemn the acts of violence and destruction that occurred there. We grieve the loss of life, which is a precious gift, send sincere condolences to family members, and pray for healing for those injured.”

“The resilience and strength of our Republic was tested yesterday and despite violence and vandalism, our democratic processes did not falter. Indeed, we resumed business on the same day to defend and protect the United States and our beloved Constitution. Through that instrument alone can we expect to remain a nation of laws and not a despotism ruled by the mob. Respect for the Constitution helps us to move forward with peaceful transitions during times like these. Republics only last as long as voters and free and fair elections do. We must continue to strive for legislation to improve election integrity that has been destroyed by Democrats.”

“Now and in the coming days, the Republican Party is being tested by hostile elements of a foreign origin, Democrats, and even some from within our own party who do not observe the ‘Eleventh Commandment.’ As the last defense against socialism, we will need to hold fast to tenets Republicans hold dear of individual liberty, limited government, private property rights, free enterprise, peace through strength, and most importantly equality and equal justice for all. Republicans have faith in the ability and the dignity of the American people, not government, to assert their right to make our own decisions and determine our own destiny.”

“I pray for the day that we can move forward as one nation and realize that the true enemies of this country are those outside our borders who seek to destroy our Republic, to manipulate elected officials, and undermine our electoral processes. “


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