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The VFRW congratulates its 2017 Republican Ticket:

Ed Gillespie for Governor, Jill Vogel for Lt. Governor and John Adams for Attorney General.

Kathy shares some thoughts

Speaking at the Lake of the Woods Republican Women’s Club recently, Kathy made the following points with Club members.  Northam is part of the McAuliffe Administration which gave Virginia a 6/10th of 1% economic growth rate -- the lowest on the Eastern seaboard.  We now rank 39th of the 50 states.  The McAuliffe administration presided over enormous out-migration from Virginia as retirees, the elderly, military and veterans, and students migrated out of the Commonwealth.  We have been an in-migration state under previous administrations.  Further, Northam is part of the administration that is bragging about holding the record for vetoing the most legislation.  Many believe Northam is probably the most liberal candidate in Virginia’s history.  As we know, Ed is ready to govern from Day One, he’s focused on lower taxes and tax rates, he’s determined to eliminate 2 regulations for every new 1 put into effect, he supports the 2nd Amendment, pro-life issues, and Virginia’s history. 

Julie Coggsdale - Statewide Director, Women for Ed Coalition (This is VFRW’s own Julie)

RPV Victory Offices

  • Chantilly: 14504 Lee Road, Chantilly 20151
  • Chesterfield: 9415 Hull Street Road, Richmond 23236
  • Dale City: 5409 Mapledale Plaza, Dale City 22193
  • Henrico: 10170 Staples Mill Road #C, Glen Allen 23060
  • Leesburg: 302 Industrial Court Southeast, Leesburg 20175
  • Springfield: 6367 Rolling Mill Place #102, Springfield 22152
  • Virginia Beach: 2955 Virginia Beach Blvd #105, Virginia Beach 23452 (757-486-2382)


Ed Gillespie for Governor

WHAT makes ED a great candidate?  READ HERE what the NFRW writes –

  • Ed Gillespie will bring a strong work ethic to the Governor's Office.  Ed has lived the American Dream.  His father was brought to America by Ed's grandfather, who worked as a janitor.  Ed's parents owned a small grocery store where Ed worked as a boy.  A hard worker, Ed worked his way through college by holding many jobs - including that of an attendant in the U.S Senate parking lot.  Ed eventually became Counselor to a United States President. 
  • Ed Gillespie will offer all Virginians the opportunity to be successful and productive citizens.  Ed is running a serious, policy-driven campaign with substantive proposals to help Virginians succeed.  Among Ed's many program ideas are: tax cuts; accountability for all elected officials; removing barriers to job creation; providing more career opportunities for veterans; and improvements to Virginia's education and mental health systems.  
  • Ed Gillespie is a principled conservative.  Ed's policies and programs are in line with the tenets of the Constitution of the United States.  They are designed to protect individual liberties and promote limited government.  Ed is a result-driven leader, dedicated to getting Virginia's economy growing again.  
  • Ed Gillespie will work with the current majority of Republican Governors in the United States.  The current governor of Virginia as well as Ed's opponent are out of step with the governing principles of the 34 current Republican governors in the United States.  Virginia needs to join the ranks of Republican governors and bring sound conservative governing principles back to the Commonwealth. 

Ed Events

  • Coming soon!

Plans, Discussions, Policies, Charts and More:

  • Public Safety Plan. Ed has specific plans to make our Commonwealth safer for all Virginians.
    Click here for several highlights.

  • Plan for Veterans. Improve career opportunities, Enhance military and veterans voices, Support our military and their families, Caring for our veterans, their families, and more. Click here to view all goals.

  • Ed Discusses Broadband as Critical Infrastructure: The challenge for Virginia’s next governor will be to expand broadband to areas that do not have access and increase speeds in areas that do have access.  In the 21st century, Virginians must have access to broadband.  Ed will not just plan and evaluate the current state of connectivity in Virginia, but act to prioritize and fund broadband deployment throughout the Commonwealth.  Ed’s 5-point action plan includes financing, taking responsibility, lessening the regulatory burden, local and regional partnerships, and providing transparency/accountability/Urgency. 
    Click here to read the details of this plan. 

  • Ed on Higher Education: On Thursday, September 7, Ed visited Virginia Tech. While there he outlined his plan for higher education saying that in his term as Governor, Virginia would become the opportunity capital of the nation. Read his remarks here. 

  • Over the last several months, Ed has hosted roundtable discussions and criminal justice listening sessions across the Commonwealth. Today’s roundtable discussion was held at Ronn Cutts Barber Shop in Downtown Richmond. In June, Ed participated in a barbershop talk about the opioid epidemic at the same small business.  Topics from medical marijuana to prisoner re-entry are covered here. 

  • Ed and the criminal justice system: Virginia’s criminal justice system should be just, fair, and redeeming. Law enforcement and justice should be administered fairly, and when Virginians exit the criminal justice system they should leave more prepared to live a full and contributing life in society. Ed’s criminal justice policy is the culmination of several months of roundtable discussions and criminal justice listening sessions he’s held across the Commonwealth. Click here for all the details. 

  • Gillespie v Northam: This is a clear, well organized, quick to read chart.  Great tool for conversations with friends and colleagues who still need convincing to vote for Ed. Click Here. 


Jill Vogel for Lt. Governor

Jill is a mother, an ethics lawyer, and a State Senator.  Jill’s record is clear -- she puts principle before party.  The Working for Virginia page of her website is devoted to Jill’s views on specific areas of life in Virginia: growing the economy, restoring trust in government, and defending the 2nd amendment are just three examples.  Be sure to visit Jill’s website for campaign updates.

Jill’s October Events

October 12 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Winchester Reception hosted by Rob & Laurie Frogale
For more information please contact Tracy Key at

October 17 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm
Charlottesville Luncheon
For more information please contact Carli Nelson at

October 18 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Marshall Bon Fire Rally hosted by Dave & Amy Hunt
For more information please contact Tracy Key at

October 19 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Richmond Reception hosted by Delegate Jimmie Massie
For more information please contact Carli Nelson at

A Clear Choice for Lt Governor

  • There are VERY clear differences between Jill and her opponent. We have a chart that outlines them. 
    Click Here

  • Jill on free tuition for those here illegally:  Should those here illegally be eligible for in-state tuition at our public colleges and universities?  What about free tuition, as my opponent has proposed? 
    CLICK HERE to reads Jill’s comments.

  • Jill on Single-payer health care:  Did you know that my opponent, Justin Fairfax, supports single-payer health care?  CLICK HERE to read Jill’s views. 


John Adams for Attorney General

Seven Questions Answered by John Adams.

In a summer edition of Style Weekly, Claire Guthrie Gastanaga, executive director of the Virginia ACLU, proposed seven questions that Virginia voters should consider when deciding which attorney general candidate they would support. When I saw these questions I felt compelled to answer, as she is correct that these are important questions that voters in Richmond and across Virginia should have answered. Below are my thoughts on each question posed.
Click here to read and/or print.

John Adams' Statewide Substance Abuse and Overdose Crisis Policy Proposal.

The Attorney General, working closely with law enforcement to prosecute enforcement actions in a range of areas impacting our citizens, has a critical leadership position in fighting the drug overdose crisis in our communities. John Adams has identified three elements for a successful strategy to fight this epidemic.
Click here




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