Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships & Awards

Political Studies Scholarship
420bThe photo on the left is Kendall Rhodes with 2013 VFRW scholarship winners:  Rachel Brooks of Wm and Mary and French Price from Va Tech.  Danielle Settles could not attend the convention.

The VFRW instituted the Political Studies Scholarship in 2005, under the presidency of Kendall Rhodes. The scholarship had been a long time goal of Mrs. Rhodes to begin this important education initiative during her tenure as president of the VFRW. The Education Committee Co-Chairmen, Mary Ann Conrad and Carole Lougheed, assisted in facilitating this initiative.

To apply:

1. Submit the Application Form and a 500 word typed essay entitled: "Political Activism and the Role of the Republican Woman"

2. Submit a copy of your Resume, listing educational and professional interests and achievements.

The deadline for submission is March 1, 2014. Scholarships will be paid directly to the designated school. The winners will be announced at the 2014 VFRW Convention; (April 4-5, 2014.)


 Political Studies Scholarship Winnersscholarship2013

2013:  French Price (VA Tech), Rachel Brooks (College of William & Mary), Danielle Settles  (Regent University)
2012: Savannah Edwards (George Mason University), Chelsea Kneen (Patrick Henry College) and Kate Maxwell (University of Richmond Law)
2011: Laura Jenkins (University of Virginia School of Law) and Cara Rose Tucker (George Mason School of Law)
2010: Alicia L. Oman,(George Mason University's School of Law) and Alexandria Rusnak (Virginia Tech)
2009: Kayleigh Elizabeth Hall (University of Richmond) and Christine Lee (Virginia Tech)
2008: Catherine Helsley (Randolph College) and Nicolette Georgacakis (Patrick Henry College)
2007: Christy Huffman (Virginia Tech)
2006: Taylor Wickersham (James Madison University)
2005: Molly Bailey (Christopher Newport University)