You are Invited to a Country Gala in Heavenly Paris, Virginia

VFRW Boots on the Ground Soiree

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The Virginia Federation of Republican Women welcomes all Americans, young and old, who believe in respect for and defense of the Constitution, conservative family values, limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, honest and accountable government, individual initiative, personal responsibility and free enterprise, to join our cause. It is our goal to support and foster the principles of America’s founding fathers and to elect Republicans that share our conservative principles.

We are experiencing an urgent and critical time in our nation’s history. Our country, and its leadership, is drifting on a dangerous course that leads to utter destruction. Our liberty and exceptional way of life are disappearing as our elected officials move ever closer to embracing the grasp of socialism and its destructive ideology. We must recognize the rampant apathy and immorality our Republic has espoused over the past decade and unite together as conservative Americans regardless of faith, race, ethnicity or political party. We must take an active stand against all political leaders who openly declare war against the freedoms they took an oath to defend.

This is a rallying call to defend our liberty! The Virginia Federation of Republican Women needs you!  Freedom is not free!