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From the desk of VFRW President Ellen Nau:

Dear Fellow VFRW Members,

To say we live in perilous times seems to trivialize the dangers of the current political situation that we are now confronting in our nation.  The sacrifices of our colonial forefathers who risked everything to establish our independence and institute a constitutional government could be rendered null and void if we do not win this 2016 Presidential Election!  The work and toil of our immigrant ancestors who came from every corner of the globe to work and build a great economy could be for nothing.  Are these possibilities acceptable to us, the children and grandchildren of the sufferers of the Great Depression, the survivors of Pearl Harbor and the beaches of Normandy?  NO!

As a unit of the NFRW, the VFRW must stand resolute in unity for our GOP ticket. Indeed, NFRW President Carrie Almond has reminded us - in the March, October 10 edition of Capitol Connection - of the NFRW unity resolution passed in March.

The recent email revelations of religious bigotry by Clinton and her cronies are very disturbing. The Pilgrims did not come here for a picnic at the end of a cruise…they came for religious freedom. We are the nation of refuge for those who suffer religious and political persecution throughout the world. 

Think about what could happen to the Supreme Court if Clinton is elected!  Justice Ginsberg may no longer be snoozing at public events – a good thing.  But a Clinton appointee could replace her and other justices ready for retirement.

Will Clinton resort to Executive Order to limit your right to bear arms? Right to free assembly?  Right to free speech?

Ring your individual Liberty Bell.  Call your friends, relatives, business associates etc.  Urge them to support the Republican ticket. 

Stand strong, and on to Victory in November.


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You are cordially invited to Vino and Victory at Morais Vineyard
Sunday, October 23, 2016 from 2pm - 5pm
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93rd District – Special Election News

Heather Cordasco, former president and current member of Historic Triangle RW, is the Republican Party candidate for House of Delegates in the 93rd District (representing Williamsburg City, and part of James City and York counties and part of Newport News). 

The seat is open since the resignation of current Delegate Monty Mason (D) who is now running for the 1st senatorial district seat due to the death of State Senator John Miller (D). This special election will take place on Election Day, Tuesday November 8.  This seat has shifted between the parties over the years.

With a good candidate like Heather, WE CAN WIN THIS ONE! 

And, if elected, Heather will be the 67th Republican in the House making it veto-proof. 

Heather’s email address is and her website is


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Paula Steiner,
VFRW Recording Secretary


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A Special Appeal from NFRW
1st Vice President, Becky Johnson

I have been thinking about our Country’s future and thought I would reach out to you.

President Carrie Almond has been traveling almost nonstop on Rosie since rolling out of Missouri on Mother’s Day 125 days ago. As of Labor Day, the NFRW 2016 Destination White House Tour has covered 18,000 miles and visited 32 states with over 2,000 rallies.

I have joined the tour on a few occasions and I can tell you the schedule is grueling, often 12-14 hours a day. But we are making a difference! We are very committed to making sure we can say that the NFRW did everything possible to bring home victories from the Court House to the White House. Rosie will stay on the road until midnight November 8 – or until the money runs out. She is an amazing ambassador for the NFRW -- energizing our clubs and attracting supporters everywhere she goes. Now, we need additional funds to keep her on the road.

We all know the stakes in this election. For the sake of our families and communities, I’m appealing to you to pitch in to help keep Rosie rolling for this final 60-day push. Please join the thousands of NFRW members who have contributed $20.16 to Rosie. Or, make a donation of $200 to pay for the next fill-up.

I know you are being asked by every candidate, but a donation to the NFRW goes to work and doesn’t buy a TV or print ad. Thank you.

Excerpted from Becky Johnson’s
Letter to members
Capital Connection, 9/6/2016

NFRW "Destination White House" Campaign

Welcome Rosie the Bus to Virginia

Left to right - Ellen Nau VFRW President, Carrie Almond NFRW President,
and Laura Morris, VFRW Protocol Chair

You can follow NFRW President’s blog as she travels with Rosie at:

The VFRW’s Campaign Activities Chair is RoxAnne Christley. She will be the contact point when Rosie the Bus comes to Virginia.



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