The VFRW Presents: Virginia, A Living History

President James MonroeJames Monroe – April 28, 1758 of Monroe Hall, Westmoreland County – Northern Neck of Virginia  was the 5th President from 1817-25 and the last of the Virginia Dynasty.  Monroe was also the Governor of VA, both the Secretary of War and State and Minister to France and the United Kingdom. 

He is best known for the Monroe Doctrine, which he articulated in his 7th State of the Union, and which had the dual purpose of encouraging South and Central American colonies to be independent and to avoid being a battleground for the European nations that were losing control in those areas. 

Mr. G William Thomas, Jr, President of the James Monroe Memorial Foundation will speak at the Saturday breakfast of the VFRW April 17-19, 2015 Convention at the Hilton Hotel & Spa/Short Pump about Mr Monroe, his presidency, his historical significance, and how his politics as a Jeffersonian/Anti-Federalist would resonate in our political world today.