VFRW at the 2014 RPV Advance

The highlight for the VFRW at the 2014 Advance in Chantilly was the Saturday Awards luncheon, which featured three VFRW members.


10th District Chairman, John Whitbeck presented Susan Falconer, Barbara Comstock's Campaign Manager and now Chief-of-Staff, her Outstanding Service award to the Republican Community, including to the VFRW.

Susan Falconer, who was Barbara Comstock’s Campaign Manager for her last House of Delegates Race and for her wonderfully successful race for the U.S. House of Representatives, won a special award for her constant and close contact with the Republican Community, including specific organizations, such as the 10th District Committee and the VFRW.  Susan is a member of the Greater McLean Republican Women.


Suzanne Scholte won the Community Engagement Award for her campaign in the 11th Congressional District, member of George Mason RW

Suzanne Scholte, who was the Republican candidate for the 11th Congressional District House of Representative, won for her Community Engagement efforts. Suzanne not only penetrated and found voters in every ethnic and religious community in the district, she also had several themed events that allowed members of various communities to come together and get to know each other. Suzanne is a member of the George Mason Republican Women in Fairfax.


Nancy Russell, Chairman of Hanover County Republican Committee won Top Unit Chair, member of Hanover RW

Nancy Russell, who is the Chairperson for the Hanover County Republican Committee, won for best Committee Chair.  Nancy is a member of the Hanover County Republican Women.

The dominant theme of the Advance was Community Engagement.  Delegate David Ramadan conducted a panel on the subject at the Saturday morning breakfast, which featured two pros at political engagement, Congressman Rob Whitman and Congresswoman-elect Barbara Comstock. They along with Ms Scholte, 8th District Republican candidate, Micah Edmonds, boiled down the message to “Just Show-up.”  Senate candidate Ed Gillespie, along with much help from his wife Cathy was also good with engagement.

While this kind of community work is essential for successful campaigns, it is important to remember that at least half of each community is women, and women make up 52% of the electorate. Women have been the political “battering” ram for a decade and the VFRW is in essence the very refutation of the premise that women are only interested in narrowly defined “women’s issues.”  Come to any gathering and you’ll find doctors, lawyers, chiefs; college professors and stay-at-home/home schooling Moms; real-estate brokers, small business owners and people who are committed to and participating in their communities. It is high time the political world makes full use of the superior resources they have.

Please look at your November “Victory” newsletter-it has interesting articles and ideas.  The next edition will be early February and it will have the Leg Day Survey Results.  Be sure and send in your Guidelines to Bobbi Green (form on web site), your Survey questions by December 31 electronically or to Mary Franklin, and your dues and membership lists as early as possible.  Make note of the important dates below.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to One and All!

Linda Bartlett
President, VFRW


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